Monday, 15 December 2014

Ultimate Programmers Motivation

Ultimate Programmers Motivation

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Oculus VR

Oculus VR:

Facebook is buying Oculus VR for $2 billion , The next generation Virtual Reality Technology .Development Kit 2 is the latest development kit for Oculus Rift .Oculus Rift is an virtual reality head mounted diaplay developed by Oculus VR.Oculus VR unlocking the new world of game graphics and virtual reality experience for Oculus Rift users.

Stereoscopic 3D view :

Oculus VR:

Oculus Rift  : create a stereoscopic 3D with excellent depth ,scale,parallex and this will provide you to amazing graphic view with ultra low Latency 360 degree Head Tracking.

Oculus Rift provide you to high ending virtual reality experience with low price.Oculus is very comfortable and lightweight for long play sessions.Oculus Rift provide 100 degree of view .Your view of game is no longer on screen wand is only  limited by what your eye can see that is created more immersive virtual reality experience.The Oculus is in pre-order under $350.

for Oculus DK2 users provide low persistence OLED display to eliminate motion blue and judder,in low persistence make screen appear more visually stable then the high persistence display.The Refresh Rate of Oculus is 75Hz and also use 70Hz ,60Hz.In Oculus having Internal Tracing sensors Gyroscope,Accelerometer,Magnetometer and Positional Tracking sensors Infrared CMOS  having update rate is 60Hz .The Oculus contain all these features the weight is only 0.97lbs without cable.
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Saturday, 1 February 2014

How to encrypt everything

How to encrypt everything

Many types of OS and software helps to encrypt your item like messages ,files ,Online visibility .Some software are free but some software is not like some IP Hiders software.It is impossible to entirely anonymous on the Web or online.But you can take some precution to stay private in public.


Tails is an live Linux Operating System that can be boot from either DVD or memory stick.Once it can run you can encrypt files,emails,Messages  and TOR is also work in Mozilla Firefox  helps to anonymous can easly download to .we know that Advantages of linux and specially about linus security of linux.

Encrypt Onine storage using Boxcryptor

Boxcrypter is  Encryption of online storage is very important because many of people is use online storage to stored personal information or data files  like  google drive ,sky drive,dropdox service.If you worried about yous files how to safe your data and information.You can secure your information using Boxcryptor , it is free for personal uses you can downloaded it from ( ) and it is use ASE-256 and RSA encryption .it is an funtastic software for  Windows,Linux,Mac OS X  and Chrome and it is also for IOS and Android .

Secure your Search

searching anonymously using DuckDuckGo .we all konw that Google is top search engine because its effective searching algo shows the best result. But some website is not in search Index.Google is stored searching quaries ,personal information ,IP address and computer information. if you are logged into Google account it can uniquely identify you .
DuckDuckGo doesn't store any type of personal information  details and it's doesn't track you.the search engine link is , duckduckgo application is also available for IOS and Android Store.

Stay Private on Mobile

Many types of application are available for android and IOS store application locker file locker and web browser .OrWeb is the private browser for android .it is free and downloadable form Google Play in APK formate from The Guardian Project .Orweb is doesn't store any type of history  and cookies and it doesn't porvide any type of private information  to website.Orweb is use Tor circuit to hide your IP address and helps to anonymous online.
If you want to send some photograph to someone but you don't want to permanentlty on your phone.Snapchat is the perfect application for it.In snapchat time limit is set after time the photo is utomatically delete.